Compromized Bagde? ;-)

Salon Informatique Maubeuge

I’m back from Maubeuge where was organized the “Salon Informatique“. I had some free time this weekend and decided to visit our south-neighbors to make some social networking. The event had several aspects: exhibitors active in the open source world (users groups, schools, associations and professionals), a LAN party and an ethical hacking contest organized for the French IT students. Some conferences were scheduled about open source ( and security topics (LASCaRLinux Automatic Security Check and Report). Unfortunately, the conference space wasn’t adequate (too much noise and too much light to be able to read the display in a convenient way).

I had a nice talk with a representative of the association April (which promote free software in France) about the project Hadopi.

And now the funny part. When I registered online, I did not give a company name (the field was not mandatory) but I’d like to give something funny and it worked:

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