More TrueCrypt Stress Tests

Lock Now that I’ve a fully encrypted disk… Let’s stress it! Just after the encryption process, I started Windows Update and installed 22 (!) patches. This operation generated lot of I/O. The system speed was “normal” (well, slow but normal for a P3 system). No big issue! No software complaint. It’s fully transparent.

After the performance test, have a look at the “stand-by” and “hibernate” features. Several users on the TrueCrypt forums reported problems. To be honest, the stand-by support is for me a “go / no-go” test. I can’t imagine to boot my laptop every time I need to access a file or Internet. Here again, tests were successful.

Now, I’ll “work” with the notebook during a few days and see if the system is really stable. Until now, I’m still a bit afraid to install the software on my business laptop. But for sure, it will be done once the 5.1 will be out! ūüėČ

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