SABAM .vs. ISP – Round Two!

A few days ago, Scarlet lost a lawsuit against the SABAM.
Last week, other Belgian ISPs received a letter from the same organization asking them to filter the P2P applications.

I don’t want to start a new debate over copy of copyrighted data but… when those guys will realize that blocking a tool will never stop the cyber-criminality??? If we think in the same way as them:

  • Hammers and screw drivers will be prohibited, you can kill your neighbor with them.
  • Cars will be prohibited, you can carry alcohol, drugs and weapons.
  • Postal services will be prohibited, they are used to exchange illegal letters.

The spokeman of Belgacom resumed the situation as is: “We only provide a pipe to our customers. We don’t have to track what they do.“. But, they must provide users information on official request from a judge!

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