Anonymous Packet Capture

Using packet capture softwares or “sniffers” can be often useful to debug network issues or for educational purposes (they can also be used to perform malicious activities but let’s stay on the visible side of the iceberg ;-)). Well known softwares are tcpdump on UNIX and Wireshark on Windows platforms


Today, EdgeSecurity released a new tool: ProxyStrike. Like the WebScarab project supported by OWASP, its a web application proxy which will help you to find potential vulnerabilities in your web applications (don’t use it on third parties sites without the owner acknowledgement). Once started, it acts as a normal proxy:

OpenSSH 4.9 is out!

OpenSSH 4.9 is out! This is a “must have” tool for my day-to-day job. Secure remote management, tunneling or file transfer. As usual, lot of bug fixes and improvements. I found the following interesting to notice: Added chroot(2) support for sshd(8) Accept the PermitRootLogin directive in a sshd_config(5) Match block.

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