TrueCrypt 6.0 is out!

A new release of TrueCrypt is available. What’s new? This feature sounds really interesting: Provides two levels of plausible deniability, in case an adversary forces you to reveal the password: 1) Hidden volume (steganography) and hidden operating system. 2) No TrueCrypt volume can be identified (volumes cannot be distinguished from

Let’s Play in Sandboxes!

Children like to play in a sandbox. Computer users should also play in sandboxes… to increase their security! A sandbox is a mechanism (a software) used to execute untrusted applications. A sandbox can be seen as a light-virtualization system. True virtualization (performed with products like VMware, VirtualBox or Virtual PC)

Security Screensavers

Everybody use screensavers! Initially, the purpose of those little applications was to preserve the phosphor used in CRT displays. There are thousands of screensavers available (well known are floating texts, slideshows, fireworks, etc). But screensavers can also be used to display useful information to the user and why not security

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