Hello? Anybody Home?

If you’re working in the small world of Internet Providers or perform any other business related to Internet, you are for sure aware of the major outage affecting Colt since yesterday in Europe (or you’re living on the moon!) Checkout the article on theregister.co.uk. I received feedback from several customers

iPhone Tethering Howto

In the long list of new features brought by the new iPhone firmware 3.0 comes “tethering” in my personal top-ten! What’s this? Tethering means a way to connect to the Internet from a device (usually a laptop computer using a mobile device as modem/router. More info are available on Wikipedia.

Will Finally IPv6 Arise?

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published a document to warn goverments and business about the near-future IPv4 addresses shortage. Actually 85% of the IPv4 address space of already assigned (total space is 2^32 == 4,294,967,296) and should be fully assigned by 2011! Of course, a lot of

Be Multi Homed!

Are you multi-homed? In short terms, are you connected to the Internet via more than one Internet Service Provider? Today, more and more business activities rely on Internet: corporabe website, emails, online shopping. Loosing your Internet connectivity is a major risk. Could you evaluate it? What will happen if your

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