Today, I was busy to free up some space in a old rack in a computer room (I won’t say where ;-). Then, I removed unused cables and found THIS: Argh! After a quick checked, it’s a network cable mixed with a phone one to save some wall plugs…

Uhuh! I started for the first time xmms on my freshly installed RedHat 9 box today and got this warning: I went to the website and got this! 🙂

New Cisco toy?

Tired of iPAQ, Palm or other PDA? Here is a new toy for the mobile geeks! The Cisco 7920 is a wireless IP phone… In a few acronyms: 802.11b, Voice QoS, VLAN support, LDAP, etc… No comment about the look “back to the eighties” … Beurk! 🙂

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