IT & hurricanes?

Katarina will reach the US coast soon… Once personal & family safety is warranted, why not take care of IT & Internet? There is an interesting article @ SANS regarding this topic: Article: Hurricane Katrina Preparations

Format your old disks!

Are you selling old hard disk drives on Ebay from time to time? Sure, it’s a great way to get some money back against unused hardware! But, did you always take care of their content? How do you format them? Read this story: Old hard drives yield data bonanza. For

Linux SSH scanning story

There exists a multithreaded SSH bruteforcer called “haita” which try to login with ‘guest’ or ‘test’ (and same password). Read the full story on the mailinglist. An admin let the attacker break in a system (some kind of honeypot) and talk to him on IRC: Shell commands and IRC

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