Microsoft Helps Big Brother


In a previous post, I talked about US authorities who have rights to read your hard drives. Today, Microsoft announced a new toy USB stick called COFEE: Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor.

The device contains 150 commands that can dramatically cut the time it takes to gather digital evidence, which is becoming more important in real-world crime, as well as cybercrime. It can decrypt passwords and analyze a computer’s Internet activity, as well as data stored in the computer. It also eliminates the need to seize a computer itself, which typically involves disconnecting from a network, turning off the power and potentially losing data. Instead, the investigator can scan for evidence on site.

Of course, if the devices is used correctly, it can dramatically increase the changes to save evidences. Which is good! Anyway, I’d like to test one by myself!

More than 2,000 officers in 15 countries, including Poland, the Philippines, Germany, New Zealand and the United States, are using the device, which Microsoft provides free.

And why not the FCCU? Another question: does Microsoft use specific softwares to use available backdoors in Vista?


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