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In Belgium, a board of Internet pioneers started a new company called “TheOriginals”. Their goal: offer advices ($$$ πŸ˜‰ to companies who have projects to open online services. I just have one question: who decided (and why) that such guys are pionners? For me, one person is missing in this defaced? :-)

Wow! Bad news for! They are in trouble with the US Department of Justice. Their website was even defaced by the US Government πŸ™‚ I’m curious to know how many hits are made on this web page per day… [iSONEWS]


Argh! MSN Messenger has lot of predefined emoticons such πŸ™‚ or πŸ™. To display them, use the menus or type letters combinaisons such (a) or (c). There are also hidden emoticons. Today I found this one with a friend (thanks Cub πŸ˜‰ : the famous “ASL?” which means in French:

/etc: geek TV

On /the sync/, you can find /etc: geek TV. There are lot of small movies (RealPlayer/Media Player) which explain, with easy words, miscellaneous technical subjects such ‘How does MP3 work’, ‘Mysteries of the Mae East’ …


This weekend, Frequence3, a French web radio, is covering Lan@Game in Nantes, France. Since yesterday, 13h, they are present live with an video streaming. They streamed the stands, the whole room and actually they are streaming the finale of Quake3! See mms:// (Windows Media Player only).

No time for wardriving? :-)

Still a few months ago, the ‘roaming’ feature proposed by ISPs was very useful to people who travelled a lot. Now, with wireless & free hotspots expansion, it’s exactly the same problem: how to find an open wireless network not so far from your destination? More and more websites exist

Just call me @

While preparing the war against Irak, the Bush administration has other more interesting projects! (I hope :-). They plan to setup a new electronic numbering system, called ENUM. This will helps us to be reachable by phone, instant messenging or faxes via the same identifier! News: Phone number, e-mail address

Future online war?

The NIPC (National Infrastructure Protection Center) reported a high risk of illegal activities (DDoS, hacking,… ) due to the current situation between United States and Iraq πŸ™ National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) – Warnings – 2003 Advisories – 03-002

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