This Blog Has 20 Years!

Twenty years ago… I decided to start a blog to share my thoughts! That’s why I called it “/dev/random”. How was the Internet twenty years ago? Well, they were good things and bad ones…

With the years, the blog content evolved, and I wrote a lot of technical stuff related to my job, experiences, tools, etc. Then, I had the opportunity to attend a lot of security conferences and started to write wrap-ups. With COVID, fewer conferences and no more reviews. For the last few months, I’m mainly writing diaries for the Internet Storm Center therefore, I publish less private stuff here, and just relay the content published on the ISC website. If you have read my stuff for a long time (or even if you are a newcomer), thank you very much!

A few stats about the site:

  • 2056 articles
  • 20593 pictures
  • 5538 unique visitors to the RSS feed in the last 30 days
  • 85000 hits/day on average (bots & attacks included ?)

I know that these numbers might seem low for many of you but I’m proud of them!


  1. A bit late but Congrarulations.
    I just realised how old I am 🙂

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