[SANS ISC] (Ab)Using Security Tools & Controls for the Bad

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “(Ab)Using Security Tools & Controls for the Bad“:

As security practitioners, we give daily advice to our customers to increase the security level of their infrastructures. Install this tool, enable this feature, disable this function, etc. When enabled, these techniques can also be (ab)used by attackers to perform nasty actions.

PAM or Pluggable Authentication Modules is an old authentication system that is around since 1997! It allows you to extend the authentication capabilities of a system to interconnect with third-party systems. PAM is available on all Linux flavors and used, amongst plenty of others, by the SSH daemon. By default, SSH allows you to authenticate via credentials or a key but they are plenty of other ways to authenticate a user. Via a centralized DB (LDAP, RADIUS, Kerberos) against proprietary databases and much more.  It can also be used to raise the security level by implementing MFA (“Multi-Factor Authentication”). In 2009(!), I already wrote a blog post to explain how to use a Yubikey as the second factor via PAM… [Read more]

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