[SANS ISC] Suspicious Endpoint Containment with OSSEC

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “Suspicious Endpoint Containment with OSSEC“:

When a host is compromised/infected on your network, an important step in the Incident Handling process is the “containment” to prevent further infections.  To place the device into a restricted environment is definitively better than powering off the system and, probably, lose some pieces of evidence.

Endpoint protection solutions are the “in” thing for a while. Instead of using standard AV tools, those solutions implement more control and try to block attackers directly. One of the features they implement is a containment solution to prevent a compromised host to communicate over the network, except with the endpoint management console. An endpoint solution can be expensive if you have a lot of hosts to protect and… it’s (again) a new agent to deploy on them… [Read more]

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