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InfoSec Conferences Canceled? We’ve Hours Of Recordings!

If you planned to attend some security conferences in the coming weeks, there are risks to have them canceled… Normally, I should be now in Germany to attend TROOPERS… Canceled! SAS2020 (“Security Analyst Summit”)… Canceled! FIRST TC Amsterdam… Canceled! And more will probably be added to the long list. And, from an organizer perspective, it’s a hassle trying to decide what to go with upcoming conferences in the coming months…

We all like infosec events! It’s nice to meet good old friends and to make new ones in a relaxed atmosphere. We learn a lot, we exchange, we kick-off new projects or crazy ideas, etc… Some people might be disappointed to cancel some trips and, trust me, I’m in the same mood! Every time I’m attending infosec events, my reading list keeps growing with new articles, papers, slide decks “that I’ll read later”. Today, most conferences have live streaming and publish a recording of all talks when authorized by speakers (please always respect the TLP!).

Let’s be positive and why not clean up your reading list and bookmarks? We have now plenty of time, being blocked at $HOME, to watch hours of recordings!

Here is a list of some useful resources (based on my interests of course):

They are many more, Google is your best friend! Also, don’t forget the books! From the other side, if you submitted a talk to a conference that has been canceled, use your time to improve your research or start new ones to submit more crazy papers! 🙂

Stay safe and keep learning!

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