[SANS ISC] Another webshell, another backdoor!

I published the following diary on “Another webshell, another backdoor!“.

I’m still busy to follow how webshells are evolving… I recently found another backdoor in another webshell called “”. The best place to find webshells remind[1]. When I’m testing a webshell, I copy it in a VM located on a “wild Internet” VLAN in my home lab with, amongst other controls, full packet capture enabled. This way, I can spot immediately is the VM is trying to “phone home” to some external hosts. This was the case this time! [Read more]



  1. Interesting read. I’m using the fuzzy command from the Viper framework for this purpose (based on ssdeep)

    Webshells viper sZY0idJH.php > fuzzy
    [*] 2 relevant matches found
    | Score | Name | SHA256 |
    | 99% | xNqNpLkP.php | f5a967bf43068c3d34cbbe0a3e16fe33c634b0bbdb0da284b5952d8696f21cac |
    | 97% | kiFHSP2j.php | cf11418cf32b7be0b2f16887f9aa56498f6aec2d743867818f1a45e474dac853 |

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