2nd European Information Security Blogger Awards Announced

Security Bloggers Meet-upToday, Brian Honan announced on his blog the second European edition of the Security Bloggers Awards. In a few weeks, many infosec guys will join London to attend BSidesLondon and/or InfoSecurity Europe. This is the perfect time to organize a meet-up on Wednesday 30rd April. Security bloggers are welcome to have drinks and chats in a relaxed atmosphere. Bad timing for me, I won’t be able to attend…

Awards will be distributed to European Bloggers. It’s now time to nominate your favourite sites/people! Different categories are defined:

  • Best corporate security blog
  • Best security podcast
  • Best security video blog (“vlog“)
  • Best personal security blog
  • Most entertaining blog
  • Most educational blog
  • Best new security blog
  • Best EU security twitter
  • Best overal security blog

Ready to participate? Nomitate them here. Psssst, if you like this blog, think of me!

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