Bring Your Own Rogue [Router|DHCP|Access Point]

ICIDU Wireless RouterIn the series of gadgets that we must bring with us, let me present the “NI-707537” of ICUDU. I’m always traveling with a big backpack containing plenty of useful stuff. Working often at customer premises, I don’t have a fixed place in my company offices. I’m always carrying all my gadgets with me: Two laptops, iPAD, cables, external storage, connectors, sniffer, etc. The last to be added to my survival kit is this small router which has lot of interesting features.

Maybe the most important: it is very small! (Check the picture) Easy to carry but also easy to hide under some papers or cables. It comes with two NIC called “LAN” , “WAN”, a Wireless interface and supports up to 150Mbps of traffic. USB powered, it can be connected everywhere. The list of features is quite complete:

  • 802.11 B/G/N
  • IEEE802.1x
  • 2 dBI antenna
  • Web GUI
  • Statis or Dynamic IP, PPPoE
  • NAT / DHCP server
  • VPN pass through
  • Firewall
  • QoS

What else? Mine is configured to get its WAN configuration via DHCP and to propose a protected WiFi SSID. Easy to deploy your own access point to connect your iPAD or any mobile device. To have a “portable” DHCP server could help in some situations.

Of course, the device can be used for malicious activities. Just connect it on a LAN and connect to it remotely. You’ll have plenty of time to play. This is a good opportunity to remind you that the “BYOD” buzzword or “Bring Your Own Device” focus mainly on people using their personal end-user device. Don’t forget that people may connect rogue active devices on your networks!



  1. I use the tplink wr703n (or rather adapted with openwrt attitude adjustment) crossed with the hak5 pineapple. So its either a useful secure WiFi AP, or its a MiTMing other WiFi devices with karma enabled.

  2. Hi,
    I also try to buy ICIDU NI-707537 for a shipping in France. I actually try on another website in Belgium. wait & see 🙂
    On they ship to France, but can’t succeeded, so I mail them. Will tell you result ! Thanks for pointing this hardware and it’s not expensive !!

  3. Hello, it´s very intersting, however I cannot find a web site to buy it (not even on Amazon), do you know where I can order it? Thanks in advance,

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