We Survived the World IPv6 Day!

I survived
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… and the first World IPv6 Day! This first major event to promote the version  six of the IP protocol looks to be a success for most of companies. For most users, it was completely transparent as network administrators prepared all the required stuff on the background. Maybe you were lucky IPv6 users!

I quickly setup a SmokePing server to monitor the availability of IPv6 sites. I configured and tested ~100 IPv6 websites during 2 days.

Almost all companies which participated to the worldwide test were reachable except some which blocked all incoming ICMP traffic. Some respected strictly the defined time window (like Google – see below), others extended the tests.

Google IPv6 Response Time
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From my own experience, during the 24-hours period, 3.04% of the HTTP requests on this blog where transported over IPv6! This is not bad compared to the regular traffic (less than 1%). On the other side, the content of mainly oriented to technical people who were ready to play with IPv6. I’m not sure that a blog about gardening or biking would generate the same amount of traffic. As you can see, there was a increase of the incoming traffic:

IPv6 Bandwidth
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What’s next? I would like to get rid of my tunnel as soon as possible. It is definitively unstable and increase the latency. To achieve this, I’m waiting for a good news from my hosting company. They promise native IPv6 for months now! Otherwise, let’s keep the pressure and don’t fall asleep. We need to move to IPv6 as soon as possible! Remember: “There is no place like ::1“.

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