HITB Amsterdam 2011 Coverage

HITB_event_10In exactly one week, the 2nd edition of HITB Amsterdam (“Hack In The Box“) will be already over. As you see their logo on the left, I’ll attend the event and perform a coverage via Twitter and my Blog (Thanks against to the organization for the invitation!). I’ll be in Amsterdam next Thursday and Friday, feel free to poke me if you’re around.

For this second edition, the format remains the same as many conferences: two first days dedicated to trainings, two other days for talks about hot security topics and lot of fun with a CTF contest, the hackerspaces and lockpicking villages, the labs (or workshops) and SIGINT (or lightning talks).

As usual, here is my wish list for the talks:

  • Keynote by Joe Sullivan (CSO of Facebook)
  • iNception – Planting and Extracting Sensitive Data From Your iPhone’s Subconscious by Laurent Oudot
  • MetaXSSploit: Bringing XSS to Pentesting by Claudio Criscione
  • WebShells: A Framework for Penetration Testing by Elena Kropochkina & Joffrey Cazrny
  • Your Crown Jewels Online: Attacks Against SAP Web Applications by Mariano Nunez Dri Croce
  • She’s Got a Ticket to Ride: Fake MIFARE Tickets by Epto
  • Openleaks Exclusive by Daniel Domscheit-Berg
  • Credit Card Skimming and PIN Harvesting in an EMV World by Daniele Bianco & Adam Laurie
  • Let Me Stuxnet You by Itzik Kotler
  • Attacking Critical Infrastructure: Behind the Scenes by Maarten Oosterink
  • DNSSEC: The Good and The Very Bad by Bert Hubert (CEO of PowerDNS)
  • Gone in 60 Minutes: Stealing Sensitive Data from Thousands of Systems Simultaneously by Andrew Gavin (Creator of OpenDLP)

See you there or stay tuned for more information…

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