Security Events Calendar

Event Calendar

The number of scheduled security events is gigantic! There are the “big ones” like DefCON, BlackHat or RSA. They are outsider but which promise to be very interesting (like BruCON, no advertisement to read here ;-)).

There are also lot of local events like all the chapter of international organization (OWASP, ISSA, ISACA, …). That’s a lot of dates to remember. So, I decided to try to centralize all the dates I will grab during my day-to-day online activities and compile them on a central calendar. Some of them will be related to local (Belgium) events, others will be located around the globe.

The calendar is available via a special page and upcoming events (up to 30 days) are displayed in the right pane.
There is no perfect calendar, things might be improved. Feel free to post your suggestions! Now, let’s fill the calendar…


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