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A lot has been written about Ubuntu “Jaunty” 9.04 since it has been released. My corporate laptop runs Ubuntu very smoothly. Unfortunately, since the last Nvidia drivers upgrade, I faced a nasty bug. I was running version ‘180-11’ but ‘180-44’ is officially available by default in the latest release. No time to play with compilations and/or dependencies issues, so I decided to upgrade (simply from the update-manager).

Fortunately, the process went smoothly. Good! I need my laptop every day and downtime must be avoided as much as possible. No big issue this time: The laptop rebooted like a charm and… very quickly! After a quick tour of my new environment, what can I say?

  • I did not converted my file systems to ext4. And I do not plan to do this in the near future. I’m a bit afraid.
  • The laptop booted really quickly. Very good point (even if the laptop is kept in stand-by in my case).
  • OpenOffice 3.0! I’m using a lot of Microsoft Office files, the new compatibility with Office XML files. Clearly not perfect but you can open files.
  • The new tool “Janitor” will be helpful to keep the system clean.

On a security point of view, my firewall configuration was restored, my Yubikey PAM module was still working. What’s up now? Let the laptop run all night long and perform some suspend/resume operations to be sure that everything is stable.

An important change is the way Ubuntu notifies you of available updates. Only “security” updates will be notified on a daily basis. For non-security updates, a weekly notification will be done. Tip: To restore the old notification interval, type the following command in a shell:

# gconftool -s --type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false

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