Family Security Awareness Training

Kid Computer

For a while my daughters are using a laptop at home for games. A specific account was created for this purpose with limited access rights (no Internet at the moment!), access time and no password.

Now, the youngest (six years old) has enough knowledge to type words on the keyboard. I created a separate account for each of them protected by a password. The passwords are of course simple to remember.

Yesterday, I started some security awareness training with two simple rules:

  • Do not share your password with your sister.
  • Try to keep it in “your head”, don’t write it down.

They are very proud of having their “own” account and password and it’s like a game for them (“This is MY password and you wil NEVER know it! Na!“). Of course, they are too young to browse the Internet. But I think that’s a good start to teach them good security reflexes when they will face the jungle Internet.

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