Google Toolbar Breaks Juniper Network Connect on Linux?


I was fighting with my corporate SSL VPN setup (based on Juniper) for a while and finally found the cause of the problem: the Google toolbar!

Juniper proposes a “network connect” mode: “Network Connect is a software package from Juniper Networks that interfaces with its Secure Access hardware and provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. There are two software products that connect to Secure Access servers: Windows Secure Application Manager which, as you might guess, runs on Microsoft Windows; and Network Connect which runs on other platforms, in particular GNU/Linux.” (quote from

My configuration is Ubuntu 8.10, Firefox 3.0.7 and Java 6. I followed the how-to written by ronet70 but, always the same behavior: once the Network Connect started, the browser froze (display in grey) a few seconds later.

After a lot of investigations, I disabled all my Firefox add-ons and it worked! The next step was to re-enable the add-ons one by one until I found the guilty: the Google Toolbar! To avoid this problem, I created a new Firefox profile (“firefox –profilemanager”) without any add-on to launch my VPN connection.

Google did not report relevant information. Did anybody already face the same issue? Is there Juniper experts who can give me more info? Please share!