Safe Access to a UNIX Filesystem from Windows


Sometimes, it can be useful to access data stored on a UNIX server from a Windows environment. Of course, access must be secured. Running on top of a SSH session, WinSCP is a great tool to transfer files. But drag-and-drop files from/to the WinSCP windows is sometimes irritating.

An alternative to WinSCP is SftpDrive. This tools allows you to map the SSH remote server as a classic network drive (and access it using the assigned letter, example “S:” for “SSH”). SftpDrive works quite well but it’s a commercial application.

Then I found SSHFS: another alternative and free! This tool is based on the Dokan library which can be compared to Fuse (“Filesystem in Userspace“) on Linux.

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As you see the interface is clear and useful options are present: alternative port (I often use SSH over port 443 to bypass proxies), password or key authentication. Note that SSHFS requires the .Net framework. I would not recommend this method to access a permanent network drive due to the encryption load added by the SSH protocol but It’s a nice tools to quickly access remote files when you are on the move (and in a safe way!)

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