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Google Monster

As said in a previous post, during a few minutes this afternoon, Google decided to tag all the websites as “potentially dangerous”.

This was quickly fixed but immediately reported by several sites:

(I’m sure it will be a buzz in the coming hours!)

Google is a major player on the Internet: For free, it will take care or your e-mails, your documents, your websites statistics, your calendar and the list is long! When Google suffers of a bug or a technical problem, the visibility is immediate.

But, Google is NOT the Internet!( some new comers or low-level Internet users can imagine this, Google is everywhere). Google is in trouble? Use another service! So simply!

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  1. Well, in some ways Google IS the Internet :-). The problem also affected the blacklist used by FF3 (which is maintained by Google), making it impossible to browse to certain sites without getting the “red curtain”!

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