Protect Your WordPress Blog Using a “Sabre”


I hope it’s not the same for you, but I saw a dramatic increase of false registrations on my blog for a few days (spambots). I decided to take action and search for a solution.

WordPress is a blogging system which can be extended by plugins. After some investigations, I found and decided to test a plugin called “sabre“.

Developed by a French guy, Sabre stands for “Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine” and offers a lot of nice features. The following list was interesting to me:

  • Inclusion of a captcha in the registration form (with complexity fully configurable!)
  • Unobstrusive tests to detect if registration is done by humans or not
  • Registration blocked if Javascript is unsupported by the browser
  • The user can validate his registration by clicking on a link sent by mail
  • User must agree with a warning text, disclaimer or general policy note when registrating

(Other features are available, check the full list)

The installation was pretty straight forward as for a WordPress plugin and the configuration took me a few extra minutes. The plugin integrates a statistics module for the dashboard. A few minutes later, some bots were already catched:

Sabre Statistics
Sabre Statistics

My blog has also an OpenID authentication module. Both plugins work in the same time but the generated HTML layout is a bit “strange”. I had to fix some HTML code. Anyway, it’s a great plugin, thanks to the author. Keep up the good work!

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