To Respect the Online Privacy


The Belgian law does not allow personal data (names, pictures, addresses, …) to be published online without the formal acceptance of the owner (Private life protection law).

A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter visited a farm with her school and teachers took pictures. They would like to publish a small article on the school website. Today, I received the following authorization request from the school:

Authorization Reques

Quick translation:

Dear Parents,
Pictures of your children were taken during their visit at the farm.
Do you agree to see your child pictures published on the school website? (

I agree – I do NOT agree

Best Regards, xxx

Personally, I find this authorization request a very good initiative coming from the school.

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  1. I guess the “I agree”|”I do not agree” (“J’autorise…” and “Je n’autorise”) lines were supposed to be links or buttons…

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