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As probably the majority of this blog readers, PuTTY is part of your software toolbox. For those who never heard the name “PuTTY”, it’s a free [ssh|telnet|raw|serial] client for Wintel systems. Please check the website for a complete overview.

PuTTY has many options and can do almost everything at ssh/telnet protocols level but it lacks of nice features regarding its GUI (check the users wishlist). That’s exactly why Putty Connection Manager was developed.

A long time ago, I wrote a post about Putty Session Manager. It added a missing feature: a nice way to organize your bookmarks. Now, with Putty Connection Manager, you can manage your bookmarks and your sessions! Why is it so important? (at least in my case)

  • Multiple bookmarks can be splited in several ways: professional, personal, local, remote,
  • Multiple sessions are managed and organized in the same window.
  • Tasks can be recorded as macro

PuTTY Connection Manager requires the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework and has still bugs but it’s a very promising software. There are a lot of features already implemented. Check the website for a complete list and review, but here are the most important ones for me:

  • Tabs and dockable windows for PuTTY instances.
  • Fully compatible with PuTTY configuration (using registry).
  • Easily customizable to optimize workspace (fullscreen, minimze to tray, add/remove toolbar, etc…).
  • Connection Manager : Manage a large number of connections with specific configuration (auto-login, specific PuTTY Session, post-command, etc…).
  • Encrypted configuration database option available to store connections informations safely (external library supporting AES algorithm used with key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits, please refer for the legal status of encryption software in your country).
A must have for those who manage a lot of bookmarks and sessions at the same time. Putty Connection Manager PuTTY Session Manager Configuration

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