High Technology Snack?


Today I went with colleagues to a snack in Louvain-La-Neuve to pick up some food. This is a “standard” snack where students are employed like many others on university campus.

But today, I saw a brand new box next to the door:
It is a fingerprint scanner from Oytech, a company which install biometric devices. Funny!

Oytech Finger Scanner

Just a few comments about the scanner: The fingerprint is scanned using LEDs (optical recognition). This means that when you walk nearby the door, your glance will be attracted by the LED lights. Also, the scanner is not protected against degradations. A university campus is not a cool place. I’m sure the device will become the target of students soon!

I’ve no idea why such devices was installed at a snack door. I’ll ask them asap! 😉

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