Belgium against technology?

One more time, the French part of Belgium (La Communauté Francaise de Belgique) decided to ban webcams from day-care centers (“crêches” in French)!

In the US, UK or France, such systems are allowed and appreciated by the parents! From their office, they can watch their children. Why do authorities refuse to offer the same services in Belgium? Of course, webcam installation should not be used to play “big brother” but if rules are clearly defined:

  • Webcams must be installed in public and clean areas (not kitchen, bathrooms, …)
  • Webcam presence must be clearly announced to all visitors and workers
  • Access must be granted via strong authentication and encryption
  • Parents have to sign some kind of “non-disclosure” document

Why prevent the parents to keep an eye on children. For sure, it can reduce stress and make their work even better!

This decision was taken from the French part of Belgium. I’m pretty sure that the Dutch part will allow webcams! One more time, this will increase the technological ditch between the north and south parts of Belgium… 🙁

Source: Datanews.

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