RSA enVision CSE certified!

Yesterday, I successfully passed the RSA enVision CSE exam (aka 050-V336-ENVCSE01)!

I attended a 3-days training in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and received a big student book. As usual with trainings like this one, the book was too light and lot of information requested by the exam was crearly NOT covered!

Personally, I played a lot with a lab @ home: A enVision demo installed on a box (to support up to 100 EPS[1] and two devices) and I feeded it with a log of syslog event forwarded from several personal Linux/OpenBSD boxes! (BTW, I successed to reach the max EPS number 😉 ). When playing with a SIEM [2], you can realize the added-value given by such system!

[1] Events Per Second
[2] Security Information and Event Management


  1. I have to take this exam for work, but we don’t have a device in our lab. Where can I download an “enVision demo” to install and use in a lab to study for the test. I’ve searched all over RSA’s stie but I can’t find anyting.


  2. and when we disable monitored device what will happen to the data that coming from this device

  3. another one. why some devices in the monitored devices list is in grey color and can not be checked?

  4. another question. when events come to envision the time of the events is the envision time receiving the message or the time of the device sending to envision?

  5. by the way what is the maximum number of users that can be added to the envision?

  6. Unfortunately, I was unable to find back some documents. But have a look at this one
    What I remember:
    – There was questions regarding the infrastructure design (licenses, limits, single or multiple appliances design)
    – There was only a few questions related to UDS (not in deep)

    Good luck!

  7. Hi, I was unable to find sample questions on the Net. This exam is not a popular one! 🙁 I’ve some documentation @ home. I’ll let you know.

  8. could you please send me sample questions from the exam or tell me which section of envision has the most number of questions and from which books I should study more

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