Is there a life being offline?

With the broadband Internet accesses (xDSL, cable, wireless), we are always online! All modern application require access to the Net (check for new releases, support), we listen to broadcast radio, our feelings are expressed with “:-)” “:-(” on Instant Messengers…

Do you remember while you used a modem to dial to your ISP? Maybe are you too young? The first modem I used was a 2400 bauds (It was in 1989). Now, even on the road, we can be connected!

Are we ready for a big rollback? Google, one more time, introduced a new concept called “Google Gears! This is a web browser extension that let’s developers create web applications that can run offline. A goog example, is Google Reader, a online RSS reader which can be used offline: the last 2000 articles can be consulted even once disconnected.

System requirements:
• Linux (details)
• Firefox 1.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+
Google Gears (BETA) is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I just installed this browser extension on my Firefox / Ubunto config. More info later!

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