Collector disk!

This week, we had a problem with disk in a SUN server… It was a good old 4.2Gb running for a few years… Normal, the MTBF was over for a while.
I called the support to request a disk swap, here is their answer:

From: xxx
To: xxx
Cc: xxx
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 18:20:58 +0100
Subject: Re: Re : Site Form request: Support Issue

Hello xxx,

I have checked with Sun, and the machine is not under maintenance contract
and also not more under waranty.

The standard exchange prices for a 4.2 GB scsi disks are very expensive :

P1 ( 24 hours after reception by Sun of the defective disk ) 4157,78 Euro
P5 ( 1 week after reception by Sun of the defective disk ) 3638,05 Euro
Transport Cost ( for both P1 or P5, overnight delivery ) 13 Euro

If you can switch to higher capacity disks, we can offer you a 9.1 GB scsi
disk for 299,00 Euro

I will not be at the office tomorow, but you can contact xxx
if you want any information. ( Tel. – xxx )

Kind regards,

Ok, the warranty was over, but 989.94 Euro per Gb is quite expensive. Seen on eBay: Two Sun Microsystems 4Gb 10K for $1 🙂