Pass-The-Salt 2022 Wrap-Up

Conferences are back! After Botconf in April, that’s Pass-The-Salt that is organized this week in Lille, France. After the two years break, the formula did not change: same location, free, presentations around security, and free software! And, most important, the same atmosphere. The first day started in the afternoon and

[SANS ISC] Malicious PowerShell Targeting Cryptocurrency Browser Extensions

I published the following diary on “Malicious PowerShell Targeting Cryptocurrency Browser Extensions“: While hunting, I found an interesting PowerShell script. After a quick check, my first conclusion was that it is again a simple info stealer. After reading the code more carefully, the conclusion was different: It targets crypto-currency browser

[SANS ISC] A ‘Zip Bomb’ to Bypass Security Controls & Sandboxes

I published the following diary on “A ‘Zip Bomb’ to Bypass Security Controls & Sandboxes“: Yesterday, I analyzed a malicious archive for a customer. It was delivered to the mailbox of a user who, hopefully, was security-aware and reported it. The payload passed through the different security layers based on big

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