Bandwidth usage

Yesterday, I performed some clean up in my documents archive and found the following backbone map dated on 1995! Look at the circuits capacity and compare them with today requirements. When I started to work for an ISP, we had only 384Kbits of IP transit! Enough for all customers and

No time for wardriving? :-)

Still a few months ago, the ‘roaming’ feature proposed by ISPs was very useful to people who travelled a lot. Now, with wireless & free hotspots expansion, it’s exactly the same problem: how to find an open wireless network not so far from your destination? More and more websites exist

Universities always complaint of their lack of resources and budget… Really? At work, I’m managing a four-nodes Alpha servers with a SAN. Pretty nice do you thing? Have a look at the URL below where at HUT (Finland) they are opertaing a cluster of 96 nodes! Clux: Beowulf-type cluster at

Just call me @

While preparing the war against Irak, the Bush administration has other more interesting projects! (I hope :-). They plan to setup a new electronic numbering system, called ENUM. This will helps us to be reachable by phone, instant messenging or faxes via the same identifier! News: Phone number, e-mail address

Future online war?

The NIPC (National Infrastructure Protection Center) reported a high risk of illegal activities (DDoS, hacking,… ) due to the current situation between United States and Iraq 🙁 National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) – Warnings – 2003 Advisories – 03-002

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