Christmas gift suggestion

I hope that my (wife|friends|family) will read this… Here is the mandatoty expansion for your home sound system… The Squeezebox uses a wireless link and allows you to listen to MP3″s and or live streams… See

Top 10 data disasters

Read on BBS News, an article regarding the top-ten data disasters: Laptop shot in anger PC thrown out the window to destroy evidence before police arrived Laptop fell off a moped and was run over by lorry Laptop dropped in bath while doing company accounts Stolen PCs rescued after three

Mobile photography community

Today, I received my new mobile phone. I decided to leave the Nokia brand and choose a Sony Ericsson: the T-610 a quite complete and modern model (Camera, Bluetooth, MMS, Wap, 65K color screen and more). Very nice! 😉 Looking for nice web sites with tips & tricks, wallpapers and

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