Even when trying to help a user/customer/friend/…, always apply the KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid) philosophy! I just spend 30 minutes on the phone to help a guy who can’t connect on the Internet… You know the classic cry: “Internet is down!? Of course, I immediately checked lot of

How memory can disturb your night?

WTF! 2:0>ERROR: TEST = Block Memory 2:0>H/W under test = CPU2 Bank 0 Dimm 2, J8001 side 1 2:0>Repair Instructions: Replace items in order listed by ‘H/W under test’ above. 2:0>MSG = DIMM failure Bank 0 DIMM 2 Pin 195 2:0>END_ERROR Results: my night was spent testing DIMM memory modules…

/. effect!

Today, the Belgian authorities published a video of Joe’s murderers. Belga provided this video on its web site. Immediately, almost all Begian newspapers added a link to the online video (copy is here)… This was a nice /. effect with an average of 18 requests/sec!

New virtual receptionist

Today we had a new system @ office. Called GuestGuard, it will take care of all visitors movement in the Building… That’s nice. I can even receive a mail notification when my visitor arrived! Bad point: this system is much less sexy thant a receptionist! 😉

Grrrr! Thanks Mr UPS!

Wow, quite a long time without posting some text here… This week, I’m on stand-by. Still in bed, I received alarms from our Nagios platform. I came at office in less than one hour (not bad with the Brussels daily traffic jam 😉 and discovered a complete rack down due

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